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A Well-Spanked Wife. A taboo story about domestic discipline ...

Wife spanking… As taboo as it seems now, it was once a common practice in American households, right up through the 1950s which was when I got married (1952 to be exact). Some consider it...


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He spanked my Mom for her misbeahvior. When my brothers, sister, and I dosobeyed, he spanked us with his strap or a switch. My husband just spanked me last night with a strap because I came home later than I told him I was. He spanked my bare bottom until I could not sit. I promised him I would never do it again.

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From time to time we would use spanking as a stimulate, which would get my wife horny. This was all good until she started researching it. she read about Christian Domestic Discipline and thought it was not for us but she became more horny when reading. fast forward a few months and we use play-full spanking in the bedroom during sex and yet ...

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The spanking Katherine Ridgeway had been a career woman. Her dad was a car mechanic and his mom worked at various convenient stores. As a kid, she watched financial shows. She read business books. She wanted to be a c.e.o. Everything she did in line was with that goal in mind. She graduated first in her high school class.

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A WIFE'S FIRST SPANKING! Tara and her husband Joe had been having a lot of marriage problems lately. It seemed they were both at power play with each other, Joe being the Dominant type and Tara being a very feisty, strong headed female. In today's society, it was difficult for a woman to let a man be in control.

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Spanking your wife is not like spanking children. Wives may need it and want it, and she can leave their marriage if she really dislikes it, but for man and wife it is as much a confirmation of their love for each other as it is a punishment. For children it is only a punishment, and they have to stay with their family.

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It said that the key to a happy marriage is a marriage where the wife is spanked. was not exexpecting this. There was a small sub culture within protestant Christianity that prariced wufe spanking. Most Christian would not know that such a thing excisted.

His Yielded Wife: The Spanking Timer

He set the timer to ten minutes and told me to get over his knee. I crawled across his lap and grabbed a pillow to squeeze. Now, a maintenance spanking probably wouldn't be so bad on a timer. But a punishment spanking, at least under Allan rule, had me crying Alligator tears about 7 minutes in.

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